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Staff development is being a key factor moving the company to success. Therefore staff policy of Alcon Group is oriented at professional growth and development of its employees.

This approach is being topical in modern environment when scientific and technological advance leads to quick deterioration of professional skills and knowledge.

Alcon Group has a reputation for successful and reliable company being open for artistic and goal-seeking candidates.

In 2008 ALCON became a nominee for «HR-brand 2008» award with the project «Star management of Russia». In 2009 the Company was awarded a grand prize in the nomination «Human Resources Management» as being the most successful investor into human potential.

In a year, the Company received a Trainings INDEX 2010 award in the nomination «Creation of innovative training and development system for industry staff».

Company’s credo is expressed by care and stability in respect to its current and future employees. ALCON has a transparent and effective incentives system. All this makes the Company an attractive employer both for currently employed staff and candidates for future open vacancies.

Recruitment procedure is flexible and uses a personal approach to candidates. Proceeding from complexity of an opening, the recruitment procedure may consist of one or several interviews and professional testing where applicable.